Optics (Physics 4150)

Fall 2020

Description: An introduction to geometrical and physical optics via lectures and hands-on laboratory sessions. This course will cover thin and thick lenses, stops, aberrations, interference, diffraction and polarization among other subjects.

Principles of Lasers (Physics 4140/6140)

Spring 2019

Description: The physics of lasers, including optical pumping and stimulated emission, laser rate equations, optical resonators, Gaussian beam propagation, Q-switching, mode-locking and nonlinear optics. Applications using gas, solid-state and tunable laser systems will be introduced. 

Electronics (Physics 3150)

Spring 2018

Description: The principles of electronic devices and their applications to instrumentation in science and engineering. We will cover rectification, filtering, regulation, impedance, transistor circuits, operational amplifiers, preamplifiers for photodiodes and other transducers, logic gates, and digital circuits.   

Physics for Engineers II (Physics 1502Q)

Fall 2017 & 2018, Spring 2021

Description: Introduction to principles of electromagnetism and Maxwell’s equations, including electric circuits, electromagnetic wave propagation, optics, and other relevant applications to engineering. Basic concepts of calculus are developed and used. Recommended for prospective Engineering majors.   

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Courses Currently Under Development:

Quantum Computing

Tentatively scheduled for Fall 2021

Description: This course aims to give an introduction to quantum computation and information. Details about the course content are coming soon…